January 2, 2012

The Rise of Intersectionality in 2011

2011 in a nutshell.
      One of the most important shifts in feminism I saw in 2011 was tantamount to revolution: intersectionality. The closest I can come to a definition on my own is this: Feminism does not exist in a vacuum, and in many ways the feminist movement has been operating that way for decades. Over the last year especially we are seeing a huge split in opportunities and advances for women in America. White, wealthy, educated women, or those who otherwise fall into a "more privileged" category are living in a feminist America in many ways. Meanwhile, poor women, women of color, disabled women, and those who otherwise fall into doubly-or triply! marginalized or oppressed categories are still living in a pre-feminism America. Intersectionality is the place where feminism and other forces against social oppression intersect, and the act of addressing these issues in a feminist forum. So many important pieces of writing and activism have been published in the last year, and I'm going to give my two cents of some of these issues after the jump.